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Somewhere there's a smile with my name on it.

-The Replacements

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Fools who can't use turn signals when driving.

Rather Obvious Catfish Provo Fact Number 4:
He coins new terms regularly: 'certifiction': vendor certification.

"An important lesson for aspiring artists everywhere: Sometimes the only way to achieve the impossible is to be too young and stupid to know it's impossible. Better to act while you're still foolish enough to think you know everything than to be slowly frozen by the creeping uncertainty of bitter wisdom..."
--Lawrence Person

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And as a parting shot, meditate upon this classic Zen koan:

Some years ago, a novice disciple was walking by a large tree when he saw a master.
The student approached the master, and said: "How can I acquire insight?"
The master picked up a rock and hit the student ten times.
In that moment, a beatific smile of Satori came across the seeker.