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Automated systems using 12-hour clocks.

Totally Random Catfish Fact Number Seven-Hundred:
He kissed his ass goodbye on X-day. That's the SubGenius doomsday/salavtion that was on July 5th 1998. He laughed all the way to the saucers.

"Fools ignore complexity; pragmatists suffer it; experts avoid it; geniuses remove it."
-- Alan Perlis

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And as a parting shot, the Weekly World Spew's movie theatre coming attractions:

   Hey Love-birds...

   SEE the TERRIFYING New Feature

  *** Torture Chamber of the Savage Pygmies ***

   Together With the Equally Sphincter-Clenching

   *** River of the Decrepit Cobras ***

   You'll SHUDDER at the UNBELIEVABLE Spectacle!!